What if I’m not creative?

“All human life is filled with works of art of every kind, from cradle song, jest, mimicry, the ornamentation of houses, dresses and utensils, up to church services, buildings, monuments and triumphal processions.”

Leo Tolstoy in What is Art?

You are creative.

Reviewing decades of research in psychology, biology, brain science, sociology, child development, and management, and working with artists, technical specialists, and business leaders is enough to convince me the creative process can be developed in anyone, and I’ve become passionate about how important it is.


We assume people are born creative or they aren’t. We even have slang terms for it: left-brain thinkers are logical and practical; right-brain thinkers are creative.   

The real dichotomy exists not between left-brainers and right-brainers, but between those who have developed their creative abilities and those who haven’t.  

Creativity is a continuum—a range of choices, a variety of paths, rather than a dichotomy, an either/or. 

Creative people defy stereotypes—they run businesses or not-for-profits, they’re doctors as well as dancers. 

You are creative.

But have you developed your process? Are you using your creative skills?